Our readers have been banging down the doors, demanding to see screenshots of our app.

Today, the wait is over.  We present GluBalloon:

Screenshot for Tablets:


Screenshot for MOTOACTV Fitness Trackers:

Please send us your thoughts in the comments!

Day 1 prototype of our insulin pen dose tracker:

Watch here to see a YouTube demonstration of the basic physics and engineering behind our first insulin pen prototype:

No More Paper Logbooks!

When we speak with diabetes patients, we often hear how frustrating the logbook is. Keeping track of calories, carbs, insulin and glucose is a major pain.

So we’ve built a logbook that automatically tracks this information for you. No more paper logbooks!

We’re a team of researchers from around the world, building technologies for the next generation of diabetes patients.

We’re looking for testers to give us your thoughts.  If you’ve recently been diagnosed with diabetes and you’re interested in speaking with our team for a 10-minute feedback session, please get in touch with us below.

All testers will get a $10 iTunes gift card, as a thank you for your time.

Thank you very much!